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who we are
& what we do

Short introduction to who we are,

followed by some words about sound & what it does for YOU.


is a gong master, animal spirit channel, martial arts black belt and gratitude & mindfulness coach whose journey of remembering began after an extraordinary and life-changing encounter with sound. He finds great joy in utilizing the healing sounds of Grotta Sonora gongs (click to learn about our sacred instruments) for his clients. He has previously dedicated 20 years of his life to martial arts & as a black belt master instructor, teaches children and adults how to face their shadow, guided by his experience and the powerful gentleness of his heart. He is a loving father of 2 children who dedicates his life to fulfilling his highest potential. More about his personal story here.

Soundhealing Vienna


The "Voice of an Angel"

is a song & sound channel, singer, chantress & songwriter, authentic voice guide, certified sound medicine teacher, gong master & therapist and has led over 500 sound healings, sonic workshops & gong baths since she followed the call of her soul. She offers individual 1:1 private sessions and group lessons in which singing journeys and voice opening combine with crystal tones/alchemy crystal singing bowls, akasha bowls, grotta sonora gongs, shamanic drums, monochord harp, shrutibox, conch shell and much more. Also a mom to two beautiful children, she is a little mermaid at heart, devoting her life to fulfilling her highest potential. More about her personal story here.

Verena Magdalena from Aurum Sound Awakening performing her sacred songs for the Stargate E

Photographed by Michael Hagedorn


We are Verena Magdalena & Christian from Crystal Sounds Vienna (former Aurum Sound Awakening)!


Our Studio is based in Vienna, Austria and we offer you sound experiences like soundmeditations, guided song journeys, soundbaths & gongbaths & voice openings to enhance your feelings of wellbeing, of truly being at home in your body and at peace with who you are. In the last years the name sound healing also became really popular, which is serving as something like an umbrella for the different names of working with sound to create balance within the physical and energetic body. 

Sound helps us to remember who we are- it helps us to wake up from a dream, an illusion, a story we told us about ourselves and others. It is about coming back to truth, to honesty, to self with the help of healing sounds. 

Sound wakes up dormant knowledge in our cells, in our DNA. It reactivates parts of us that we had long forgotten or thought were lost. Through the use of sound healing modalities you recalibrate and come back to harmonic states of being.

Sound is truly a portal, a doorway, a moving energy comprised of vibrating, oscillating particles of speed and light.

And just like your heart sings, your bloodstream sings, your nerve cells hum and tone, your very DNA is a dancing miracle of life- creating this unique Being- this amazing YOU! 

CRYSTAL SOUNDS VIENNA supports you in restoring, retuning, realigning to your own natural frequency, your own fundamental soul-note.

Your own inner healer activates as our cells respond to Sound! And like a sound surgeon your system and innate intelligence starts to work, gets busy with choosing where to put back- re-attach, change and transform old and outdated structures in your body and mind.

Find out more about Sound in our FAQ Section.


Well, it's all about coming back into balance and harmony, right? We want to feel good! We want to laugh and dance and enjoy life knowing we are worthy of it all!


Where there is balance there is a happy being.

With much love, 


Verena Magdalena & Christian

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