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about our soundbaths and sound experiences 

You angels 💫 we will be wearing the light(ness) you gave us for a long time 💫 showers of blessings your way!


Vivian, Vienna

Hi Christian. Thanks to Verena Magdalena and you for a very, very relaxing gongbath. It was, of course, much more than just a gongbath. I am so impressed by the excellent program the two of you have put together, from the panoply of sound sources, to the mats and cushions and blankets, to the timing and execution of the session. Wonderful! I did not realize how completely immersive an experience it would be. Most impressive of all, though, is how the two of you work together. It's very sweet, your energy and authenticity and the very obvious goodness of your souls. Also, Verena Magdalena's magnificent voice! Well done and bravo! 

Rif H., Vienna

Verena Magdalena, I am drawn to you since the beginning of the year and I am truly grateful for that. You are touching deeply and the sound and pictures that you draw in your soundmeditations move something in me that words cannot describe. Thank you.

Krista H., Vienna

Immediately after the session I felt that something was different in me and now I notice every day that I suddenly look at things differently.
Thank you for the great session and thank you for doing this for all of us.
You are something special!

Kathrin, Vienna

You angel  we will be wearing the light(ness) you gave us for a long time  showers of blessings your way!

Vivian, Vienna

I wanted to write you this for such a long time: I got so much out of my voice opening session with you, I really feel how something within my voice has changed, that I let go of an old pattern and now I can do so many things with my voice! Just incredible, thank you so much!


Marcella B, Vienna

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