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We would like to introduce you to our main instruments beside the voice.

Beautiful Crystal Tones Bowls can be found here.

There are many instruments we facilitate our Soundbaths with, some examples being the monochord or tongue drums, chimes, the didgeridoo, shamanic drums, conch shell, flute and shrutibox/harmonium- but here we focus on our two absolute favorites. If you click on the links you come to the manufacturers.

Crystal Singing Bowls
by Crystal Tones®/Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls® & handmade Akasha® Bowls

“Just like the sun, crystal singing bowls emit photons (life force energy). This energy activates light in the body,

and from this light, our consciousness is enhanced and expanded, allowing for personal awakening at the

DNA level”. Quote from Crystal Tones® 

A crystal singing bowl of highest purity emits very profound frequencies into its surrounding. It permeates each cell of our bodies and enhances our wellbeing immensely by just listening to their sounds.

Inside our bones are crystalline properties that vibrate to the sound waves, creating a visceral, tangible, restorative response. Our crystal singing bowls are carefully chosen and carry very pure sound frequencies. We play them gently for our clients to promote 'becoming whole'.

More on crystal singing bowls in our FAQ section.

Gongs by Grotta Sonora®

Handmade in Italy crafted by Madhava Carrara & Margherita Cioffi. These Gongs emit very powerful frequencies and hold within themselves the most beautiful harmonics. Their effects on the body and our energetic systems are rich in variation. We play them depending on the clients needs f.e. to calm, relax, release, uproot, let go, activate, welcome the new.


The sounds of the Gongs all around you create a ‘bath’ of frequencies where you can feel the vibrations in your whole body. A meditative state is created where the brain emits healing brainwaves.

There is much possible through the sacred sound of these ancient instruments- Gongs are transformational, life re-inforcing portals and coax us to live a life of happiness.


They bring the spirit of the eternal wholistic resonance, full life force into the body.

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