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Heartfelt Reviews from our dear Clients.

Vicky S, Vienna

Translated from German to English:

“Verenas Soundhealings have a very special meaning for me because they help me to ground and come back to myself. They are equivalent to the effects of therapy for me, the time I spend in Verena Magdalenas Soundhealings helps me to find balance. A long time I thought I already have to know how to meditate, or be able to lie down really still to attend a soundhealing. But through her guidance I know I can come exactly as I am that day and participate in a soundsession.
Whether I come from a stressed or nice and relaxed day, it does not matter in which mental state I am, I can join, I can just simply BE without judgment. The field of sound that is created is unique for every session and helps me to again- simply BE. This has also upleveled my yoga practice and showed me it is ok that thoughts come up and that I don’t judge them- but simply observe them. I can sort out my unconsciousness and sometimes many things can dissolve so fast - so many worries can disappear so quickly and effortlessly dissolve in the soundbath. For me it’s not just the sounds and the melodies and songs Verena Magdalena sings- it’s also the talks we have.
I love it most when I attend soundbaths with Verena Magdalena & Christian together- their relationship, their felt harmony, how they interact and create with each other for us participants is amazing.
This manages to transports such a supporting balance and harmony into my daily life and calmness into my soul. I am a stressed person at times and I know that if there are challenging times ahead, or I have much to do in my business and my private life-
I know that just ONE soundhealing with them can change everything  again- and I come back to a content, balanced self.
It’s indescribable how thankful I am to them for sharing their practice."
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