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"My Song Guardian"
-a song  just for you

Our most exclusive offer.


Verena Magdalena creates a unique song for you (up to 10 minutes length) to help you live your highest potential.

Her angelic song and sound transmissions will soothe you, encourage you, transform you and accompany your courageous path as YOU on this beautiful planet.


Verena Magdalenas voice is a portal, and holds many frequencies of many dimensions within.


The sounds of the angels, unicorns, faeries, nature devas, elements, grandmothers, merbeings, roses, celestial bodies, divine mother and father and more -want to support you on your life`s path. 


"In her voice, there are all the voices"- as a client once stated so beautifully.


Let the power of the voice work its magic.



Gift yourself something that - in truth - is priceless.

It is created and received uniquely for YOU.

Higher Alignment

Your Song Guardian comes to you as a transmission - it is also called song channeling- and its highest intent is to help you align with your soul purpose, the path of your highest destiny.

Subconscious Reprogramming

It is possible that your unique Song Guardian additionally has a guided meditation journey, light language or affirmations embedded within. It depends on your personal signature, and what Verena Magdalena receives as song and word- download from spirit. 

The mind relaxes, while the guided journey or affirmations provide a framework for reprogramming in the most gentle way by just listening.

More Abundance

When we connect with who we truly are, we automatically open the doors to all possible and beautiful opportunities and people that want to come into our life. 

This means that the abundance of life, your own prosperity and your own - as we like to call it- blossoming-  can happen more easily.

Brain Wave Shifts

A Song Guardian can be a powerful tool for influencing brain wave activity, 


promoting various beneficial mental and emotional states. 


The side effects are deep relaxation, stress reduction, improved sleep, more clarity, feeling more self love and trust.

Once I receive my Song Guardian

To receive the frequencies you can listen to the track before falling asleep or even during sleep, just right after waking up, or when you feel like you need a reminder of spirit of who you are.


We always recommend good headphones and a place where you are alone and are undisturbed when you listen for the first time. From then on you can even listen to it on the subway, but let it work with you in the most relaxed atmosphere when you receive your song guardian for the first time.

Emotional Release and Tipps

Your own Song Guardian can evoke many emotions and bodily and energetic sensations in your system.


Breathe compassionately with whatever might arise from within you - it always wants to work FOR you and not against you. 


It can be let go of a little bit easier if you even start to sing with the Song Guardian - hum along, repeat the sounds and words- let them work with you through your own voice aswell.

Verena Magdalena sound channel and chantress.png

The Process

Verena Magdalena:


When I start I am in the absolute nothing.

I tune into your energy, I become very still.

And then the channeling begins - it flows like water, sometimes very slow, sometimes faster- or sometimes it is like spheres of lyrics or words that emerge. A part of me observes this process and often marvels and wonders  at what is being sung or said.


People perceive these songs as deeply touching, emotions can flow, often they cry or have energetic and physical responses. I am so grateful that I can share this gift with the people that resonate with this medicine.

It is a truly divine and also artistic process, and aswell a technical process until all is finished. I devote all the time I need until your Song Guardian is ready. (Composition, arrangement, maybe more recording, mixing, mastering.)

And then your Song Guardian is on its way to you!

If you are ready to have your Song Guardian as your reminder of who you truly are-as an invaluable companion troughout your daily life

then your Song Guardian is already waiting for you, beyond time and space. It guards and supports your process of the unfolding of your beautiful life path. That is its highest intent.

Let me receive this song for you.

First Steps:

- Schedule a 15 Minute Info Zoom Call with us.


- If you have decided and are ready to welcome your Song Guardian we are going to proceed with another Zoom Session on another date in which further details will be discussed together, and we will connect and initiate the first stages of your Song Guardian.


I am already excited to birth your Song Guardian with and for you. 

Song Guardian is available in English and German Language.

If Spirit wants to, there will be light language and encoded words aswell - as each Song Guardian is absolutely  unique.




Receive your Song Guardian

Installments are possible, get in touch via

Verena Magdalena Founder of Crystal Sounds Vienna Sound Healing Studio

Song Guardian Feedback

Naomi, DE

Your voice is like a soothing balm, or like cool water on my burnt skin. Thank you so much for creating my unique track, I listen to it whenever I feel sadness rise up or before I go to sleep. You are truly an angel, thank you .

Song Guardian
channeled by Verena Magdalena

The copyright of the songs belongs to Verena Magdalena Eppensteiner, and the use of the Song Guardians is permitted only for the personal use of the recipient. Any further use, reproduction, remixing, or submission to any organizations is prohibited and will be subject to legal action.

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