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Image by Michael Hagedorn_and Aurum Sound Awakening Songs by Verena Magdalena Soundhealing

20 h certified
Sound Medicine Course 


Verena Magdalena in her Sound Healing Studio Crystal Sounds Vienna
Verena Magdalena in her Sound Healing Studio Crystal Sounds Vienna

Welcome Sound Soul!

Welcome to a 20-hour certified training in soundmeditation, soundbaths, crystal singing bowls, gongs, the voice and so much more! Instruments are provided.


Kursdatum: 21 & 22 September 2024 in Wien.

The course is held in person in Vienna/Austria in our beautiful Sound Healing Studio & Crystal Singing Bowls Showroom: Crystal Sounds Vienna

Adress: Schönbrunner Straße 83, 1050 Wien.

Kurssprache Deutsch: This course is held in German language.

599 € Course Fee

Installments are possible.

contact me here



Who is this

course for?

This SOUND MEDICINE INSTITUTE GERMANY course,  led in Vienna by Singer and Sound Channel and Sound Medicine Mentor Verena Magdalena is for anyone who has been touched by the power of sound. For musicians, healers, therapists, yogis, meditators, mystics, psychologists, philosophers, teachers, doctors, medicine men, song bearers, people who are ready to change, to open themselves to the subtleties of silence and sound.

Science of Sound

* Why sound has been used for thousands of years and why it is so powerful


* How sounds affect the body, mind and soul


* Brainwave states and the science of listening


* Explanation of the nervous system and how sounds affect it


* Deep listening as a meditation practice


* The relationship of quantum physics, cells and emotions to each other


* The physical, mental, spiritual and emotional effects of Sound Medicine


* Discussion of research results

How to hold space

& preparations

* How do I create a safe space for healing and transformation?


* How to prepare before playing the singing bowls (state of mind, intentions, health)

Sound Therapy

& Sound Healing

* What is Sound Therapy and Sound Healing? What is the difference?


* What are Sound Medicine Instruments such as Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Drums, Harmonium, Tibetan Singing Bowls and more...  and how do they work?


* How to care for your instruments


* How to meditate with sound and develop a daily routine


* How chakras and sounds are related


* How the glands in the body and sound are related


* The power of intentions and how to use them


* How to use the voice in your sound meditations


* When should I not use sound? 

What I will get

in this course?

* Education and guidance with the most important knowledge about sound healing

* Manual with detailed information (available in English and German)

* Materials and resources

* Sound Meditation Certificate (certified by the Sound Medicine Institute Germany)

* Follow-up care for 4 weeks after completion of the course in the group

Learn to play

your instruments

* Get to know a range of instruments (mainly crystal singing bowls, gongs- but I bring all of my many instruments for you to feel into) and how to differentiate your sessions by combining instruments and sounds with guided self-reflection and meditations


* What are harmonic sounds,

how loud should I play?


* How do I create a balancing and relaxing soundscape?


* Exploring the voice through exercises


* How to guide a soundmeditation session

What can the benefits be for your own health

& healing?

* Reduce stress and reduce fatigue, pain, addiction, compulsive thinking, insomnia through deep relaxation and endorphin release


* Possibility of accelerating the healing process


* Improved sleep quality


* Increased serenity


* Encourages creativity


* Sounds can lead to love & contentment having space in our lives again

We love to guide you through this transformative
and enriching
course about the power of healing SOUND.

599 € Course Fee

Installments possible.


Questions? Contact me here!

Do you hear a song within you to walk

the path of sound? 

In the course you practice with beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls provided by AkashaBowls®,
if you are interested in getting your own bowl before the course starts please get in touch
or get yours directly at the course on site

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Cancellation Policy for this course:

Refund up to 14 days before the event. (50%). No refunds for cancellations made after midnight 14 days before the event.

Sound Medicine Course in Vienna
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