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Soundhealing Wien by Verena Magdalena

My journey with sound

My clients often ask me "what song did you sing?", "can you repeat the lyrics they were so beautiful" - and the likes. Well, what IS my way of singing? In every class, for every group, in every private session, whenever I sing for somebody, it is a song and sound transmission that is birthed right in that moment. The songs that flow through me are received right in that moment of time and very often I do not recall what I have sung. Some have called this "Channeling". Whatever it might be, I allow myself to open to my own soul/my superconsciousness/my higher self/source- whatever name you may give it- and then I allow my voice to sing what is received. This means that most of my songs have not yet been recorded because they spring forth from the moment and very often there is no recording device around :) But when the time comes I will add more songs to download to this website. You can sign up for my newsletter where I would post news like this.


And now more about my journey with sound:


I have a very clear memory of myself as a small child: I was sitting on the grass, looking at the night sky and I sang songs. Intuitive words and sounds emerged and I loved it. I loved it so much and I was absolutely free.

Growing up I had much shame around my voice, it was my biggest love but also it was of course an expression of who I truly was, it was like sharing my soul with people- and I didn't feel safe sharing that. So I stopped for a long period of time until after having completed my studies in arts & design I ended up in a big marketing agency. One day I was humming a little song while I was absorbed working at a project. And I was heard by someone who recommended me to someone else- I ended up in a recording studio with a contract as singer & songwriter. That was an amazing time of my life and I loved writing music. 

There were major changes in my personal life and a big loss and suddenly I was pregnant and retreated into a different phase- a never ending phase- being a mom of a wonderful being. And then my second child came into my life and I was happy.

And on one sunny day I stumbled over a woman on the Internet and she had this interesting white bowl in her hands and tapped it and - WOW! I was blown away. What is that? How can I find out more? Well this white bowl was of course a crystal singing bowl, and this moment started my journey into the art of healing music and healing instruments. Because when I played my first crystal singing bowls and I sang with them I heard so many frequencies- it sounded like a choir of angels. And there was a voice and still is- singing with me, in perfect harmony. It depends on the surrounding but I know it is always there, singing with me. I remember washing the dishes one evening and I heard a beautiful choir out of nowhere - and I hope to be able to hear these sounds and voices even more as my life progresses and I evolve. 


A short while later I purchased a shrutibox- an old instrument made in India, and when I sang with it - again: there was this choir, there were these frequencies, and I was connected. And I felt like a child again, absolutely free. And I loved it, I loved it so much! 

So working with the medicine of sound is deeply healing for myself, it helps me transit and flow through life with more ease and grace than I ever thought possible. Once the sound opens up these little locks inside of you and you start to be more of your true self your life will become a nicer ride. I am glad to be of service through sound by offering my songs, hosting sound meditations, sound healing sessions and soundbaths for you.

With love,

Verena Magdalena

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