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Finest handcrafted Crystal Singing Bowls

Hear and feel the bowls yourself

in a private bowl-viewing session with

Verena Magdalena to discover the beautiful AkashaBowls®. Choose the bowl or bowls that you wish to purchase, play them and get to know the gentle power of crystal instruments. 


This is the first Showroom only for Crystal Singing Bowls in Vienna and we are very happy to bring those special singing bowls to people in and around Vienna, Austria.

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Book your private bowl-consultation 

Enjoy relaxed time in the showroom, listen to our beautiful bowl collection and find the one or those you are drawn to. Whether you are new to Crystal Singing Bowls or have a collection you want to add one or more bowls to, reach out to us at

to book your private bowl-viewing session.

How does a bowl-viewing/bowl consultation look like?

Price €60 (60 minutes)

includes an introductory AkashaBowls® Crystal Singing Bowls Soundbath (about 15 to 20 minutes)

a €20 voucher towards any bowls purchased on the day or within 7 daysthe consultation itself with trying out and going into resonance with different bowls & chalices

& enjoying some Chai/Yogi Tea, high grade Matcha

or Cacao together.

Our Showroom is located in the fifth district of Vienna, next to very good restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops.

AkashaBowls®, crystal instruments created by Doctor Lisa Schuster, Founder of the Sound Medicine Institute Germany are handcrafted crystal singing bowls made from 99.98% pure quartz glass. With their individual frequencies, they affect both the physical body and the subconscious level and dissolve blockages in the body so that energies can flow freely again.

Each bowl is encoded with a Spirit Animal that will accompany you in your personal healing and in your work with other people.

As these bowls are handmade, each bowl is unique and thus has a different price than mass produced bowls. The AkashaBowls® price range is from around €525 to €900 per bowl. 

Adress / Where to find us:

Schönbrunner Straße 83

1050 Vienna / Wien, Austria ( U4 Pilgramgasse, Exit Ramperstorffergasse )

The showroom is in the charming Barre Club which might be open at other times.

The bowl viewings are by appointment only.

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