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My own extraordinary experience with sound 

My father used to play the guitar as I was playing with my toys when I was a young child, I still remember him singing with great passion. Later when I was in school we had to attend church service and while I really didn't feel like leaving my much more fun acivities for having to sit on a hard bench for a long period time I enjoyed how the songs sounded in the big cathedral. As teenager I got my hands on a guitar and then I was buying an african drum- and I played it everywhere. Really, everywhere, even in the subway on my way to friends or home. Many years past and I got fascinated with Martial Arts and spend many years mastering it.


I fell in love with my now wife and also with her beautiful voice ( I will always be enchanted by her singing), she gave birth to our two wonderful kids, life was good. On an autumn afternoon she showed me these strange bowls and a suitcase. Those are instruments she claimed and made me lie down and listen. And together with the shrutibox (that is the name of the suitcase style instrument) and her voice a very unique and magical sound was created. She guided me through my first ever Sound Meditations. So music came back into my life in a quite mysterious way.


One day though changed everything. I remember very well that that one time when she sang and played the shrutibox my whole body suddenly began to vibrate & I felt super energized. And something very interesting happened- I was super sensitive to everything, I suddenly found myself in an altered state of consciousness.


All my senses were enhanced and I could see, hear and feel all kinds of energies! I went out into our garden and I heard the palm trees giggling! I felt and saw that they were in love with each other! I saw my wife in a different light- her chakras, the colors and I could see where she had energetic blockages in the body. Even the grass was fascinating, I never thought that was possible. And it was all only through SOUND. 


2 Months later we visited our friends and gongmakers from Grotta Sonora and met our first Gongs there. Oh the magical sound of the gongs, it was love at first strike. I was so drawn to these instruments that have such an ancient background, that I wanted to learn how to play the Gong immediately. The Gong and Sound are constant teachers, great Gurus as Gong Grand Master Don Conreaux says. I had the great honor to learn from amazing teachers and am happy to hold sound space for you by guiding you through soundbaths, gongbaths, breathwork and soundmeditations.

with peace, blessings and in deep gratitude,


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