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AngelVoice & Crystal Bowls Soundbath 1:1

Crystalline & Angelic SoundHealing with Verena Magdalena. A deeply touching experience just for you!

  • 1 h
  • 133 Euro
  • Crystal Sounds Vienna

Service Description

Limited Availability. Price is for 1 Person. Every additional Person: +20 Eur Relax on our comfortable Deluxe Mattresses! Short Description if you are busy: Relax and deeply let go as you bathe in the healing frequencies of Crystal Tones/Alchemy Singing Bowls and Verena Magdalenas angelic voice and songs. These are purest crystalline vibrations, very gentle to the whole system while at the same time incredibly relaxing and soothing. They enhance the overall wellbeing and help with poor sleep or anxiety, feelings of tension or unrest. Let yourself be led gently into a truly magical world of sound. It's about waves of crystalline compassion, shifting brainwave states, balancing and alignment in the gentlest possible way. Long Description: A Crystal Singing Bowl Soundbath is a deep, tension-releasing experience. Purest Crystals resonate with our cells and remind them of their own natural frequency. In our FAQ section of our website (find it as you click on „more“ in the website menu) we wrote a lot of information about the healing power of Crystal Singing Bowls, please do check it out! The selected, very valuable instruments are exclusively of the highest manufacturing & healing quality and are truly "sacred" for us. Beautiful harmonies and overtones create a rich field of healing sound to awaken, align and rejuvenate us in the most gentle way. Music changes our biochemistry and brings us back into harmony. Sound helps us get out of old stress patterns and find our way back to our own natural frequency, our very own inner symphony. Many ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures have used sound to heal and access higher levels of consciousness for thousands of years to enable an improvement in wellbeing at all levels of our being. A few scientifically proven benefits of this Sound Healing/Soundbath: Reduced symptoms associated with: -Depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia -Activation of the vagus nerve & parasympathetic nervous system -Transition into alpha and theta brainwaves -Expanded state of consciousness -Energetic cleansing and re-charging -Chakra alignment/brain hemisphere balance In your session you lie down comfortably on sound mattresses with clean silk eye masks, blankets & cushions. "There is nothing to do, just relax." Please do not come to the session immediately after a very heavy meal and comfortable, light clothing is recommended. Blessings, Verena Magdalena

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, the following applies : 48 h before the session starts: full refund. 24 h before the session starts: 50% refund. To contact us: write an email to or WhatsApp message to +436763721934

Contact Details

  • Schönbrunner Straße 83, 1050 Vienna, Austria

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